An Easy Way to Train With 300 Blackout.

by Clay Martin on August 26, 2014 Recently, GunsAmerica has been diving into all things 300 Blackout. Today’s spotlight is on a very special set from Barnes Precision Machine–an AR-15 ...


Gun control fears boost enrollment at Manhattan’s only commercial gun range.

By John Potratz Published September 09, 2014 “People are popping off rounds beneath the busy streets of Manhattan. The stench of burnt gunpowder fills the air. Paper targets twitch ...

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FILE - This Tuesday, May 19, 2015 file photo shows a firearm and 154 pounds of heroin worth at least $50 million displayed during a Drug Enforcement Administration news conference in New York. According to government data released Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, drug overdose deaths in the U.S. surpassed 50,000 in 2015, the highest mark in at least 15 years. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Heroin now kills more people than guns: Drugs overdoses claimed 50,000 lives in the US last year

“More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the highest figure ever. 33,000 gun deaths, 62% of those were suicides. Many more were justified police shootings, still others were accidental. A far minority were homicides. The tally has been pushed to new heights by soaring abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers, especially fentanyl. […]

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Removing Penalty for Using Gun in Crime, really???

“At the end of the latest legislation session Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill removing mandatory enhanced sentencing for criminals who use guns in the commission of their crimes. He did this at the same time that he signed other legislation making it illegal for teachers to be armed on K-12 campuses for self-defense. […]

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Thank you for signing up early. Only 2 weeks left to enroll!

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course for Leukemia/Lymphoma March 23rd, 2018 Only 2 weeks left to enroll! Everyone must be enrolled 3 weeks before the course! March 23rd This year’s charity course is going to be EPIC!!!! You can join us for 2 days, 3 days, or the full 4 days. You can take the […]

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**BREAKING** Fatal Florida high school shooting suspect is in custody, numerous people killed

“PARKLAND, Fla. – A suspect is in custody after a fatal school shooting at a Florida high school, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said there are “many deaths” in the school shooting. However, officials have not confirmed how many people may have been killed. The sheriff’s office said 20 to […]

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Gunmaker Remington to file for bankruptcy

“U.S. firearm manufacturer, Remington Outdoor Company, said it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but stay in business throughout the process. “Difficult industry conditions make today’s agreement prudent,” said Jim Geisler, Remington’s executive chairman, in a statement released by the company on Monday. The company has been dogged by falling sales after one of […]

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Buybacks Aren’t Enough: California Pushes Envelope on Gun Grab Schtick

“There is no doubt in the minds of many Americans regarding the state of California and its liberal leadership’s acute hatred of the Second Amendment. The state itself has long suffered from a severe case of “the lefts” – an affliction not unlike “the bends” that divers experience when ascending too rapidly from the depths […]

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Dealing With the New Ammunition Law – Online Purchases Are Alive and Well

“As part of California’s continuing war on the Second Amendment, 2018 will see new restrictions placed on the purchase of ammunition. Transfers of ammunition between buyer and seller now need to be “face to face”. Lawful gun owners will eventually need to undergo a background check to purchase ammunition. Background check results along with details […]

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69 days out: Instead of being a gun owner, how about being a skilled shooter?

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course for Leukemia/Lymphoma We currently have 178 people enrolled! More registrations are coming in every day! We are expecting over 300 participants this year! Every gun owner “thinks” they know how to shoot! But very few actually do. Just because you can take your gun to the range, take it out […]

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Big 2nd Amendment Case: Gun Shop Owner’s Lawsuit Heads To The Supreme Court

“Businessmen and gun rights advocates filed a petition with the Supreme Court to overturn a zoning law in Alameda County, California that bans gun shops from operating within 500 feet of a residential area. Entrepreneurs John Teixeira, Steve Nobriga and Gary Gamaza attempted to open a gun shop in the city of San Lorenzo, but […]

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Here’s How Many Criminals Were Stopped in November Thanks to People Who Carry

“Anti-gunners and the liberal media often argue that law-abiding gun owners do little to actually stop criminals. They say carrying doesn’t actually make them, others or their communities safer. Well, these cases prove otherwise. While the numbers are not yet in for December, according to the Crime Prevent Research Center, in November, people legally carrying […]

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