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New Study Estimates How Many Guns Are Carried Each Day in the U.S.

“Time and again, anti-gun activists continue to claim that people carrying guns increases the risk of crime. They say that without ever citing a single bit of evidence other than their own hysterics. Through it all, however, there’s been no real numbers of just how many guns there are on the streets of the United […]

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URGENCY: Almost No Rooms Left For Next 5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course!

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course for Leukemia/Lymphoma Act Very Fast!  Very few rooms are left for the 5th Annual Charity Firearms Course! 107 people have already registered for the charity course! -No rooms left at saddle West Hotel! -No rooms left for the full 4 days at Best Western, but they have rooms if you […]

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BREAKING: North Korea Fires ICBM Capable Of Hitting ANYWHERE In United States

“On Tuesday, the North Korean military test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range long enough to hit Hawaii or even the American East Coast. The missile was reportedly fired at 3 a.m. local time, and flew for fully 50 minutes, on a lofted trajectory that actually sent it 10 times higher than the orbit […]

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Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps – Again!

“According to the FBI, over 200,000 background check requests associated with the purchase of a firearm were submitted to the agency on Black Friday, marking a new single-day record. The previous record was set on the day after Thanksgiving in 2016. In both 2017 and 2016, enough guns were potentially purchased on Black Friday to […]

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SCOTUS Won’t Listen To Challenge Of Assault Weapons Ban

“On Monday, the Supreme Court, again eschewing the chance to issue a major ruling on gun rights, turned down a challenge to Maryland’s state ban on assault weapons brought by various groups, including the National Rifle Association. In the case the Court declined to hear, Kolbe v. Hogan, a federal appeals court ruled that assault […]

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How churches are preparing for a mass shooting

“COTTS, Mich. – Did they know how many rounds a gunman fired into First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs? Did they know how many little boys and girls he killed? Did they know there was a second violent church attack that same day in Fresno, Calif.? Barry Young’s voice rose as he led an “intruder […]

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Negligent Discharge vs. Accidental Discharge

“If you’ve been around guns for at least five minutes, you’ve undoubtedly heard the terms “negligent discharge” and “accidental discharge”. Some people use these terms interchangeably. Others will pedantically insist that “there is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only a negligent discharge.” The truth is that there is such a thing as both […]

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PREPAREDNESS: How much is ‘enough’?

” Preparedness for contingencies goes a long way to turning chaos into mere inconveniences. Finding one’s self unprepared when life throws you a curveball sucks. Hopefully, like many TTAG readers, you maintain some level of readiness for emergencies. If so, congrats. The question quickly becomes how much is enough though when it comes to ammo, […]

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NRA Carry Guard Training vs. “Standard” Training

“The National Rifle Association has a new training program associated with their Carry Guard insurance product. The NRA touts their instructors as former Navy SEALS or other high-speed, low-drag type operators. Of course, the NRA promises “The best carry firearms training on the planet. Period.” Not that the NRA has ever been accused of excessive […]

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Hero Dad Uses Gun To Stop Multiple Armed Assailants From Kidnapping Daughter

“Police in Florida arrested four teens on Tuesday who had allegedly attempted to kidnap and rob a local family but had their plans ruined when the father of the family opened fire on them. “The 51-year old homeowner says his 17-year old daughter had called him to tell him that someone had blocked the road […]

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