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We are excited to introduce to you our newest advertiser!
A veteran owned and operated business born out of our need to protect our ever endangered Constitutional Rights.

Visit them by clicking on the link below or on their banner ad on this page!

Below is a little info on their fine company.

The Standardd Munitions Supply Company, LLC, a major supplier of ammunition across the United States, is working towards expanding business and protecting the liberties granted in the Bill of Rights and especially the 2nd and 4th amendments. Owned and operated by active military and law enforcement personnel, the company’s monthly ammunition subscriptions have gained popularity through its online presence.

Buyers of Winchester Ammunition or Federal Ammunition, or CCI/Speer and gun magazines will find at the Standard Munitions Supply Company fairly priced products. The official website features high quality handguns, shotguns and rifles, along with
accessories such as shooting targets, weapons cleaning kits, optics and accessories, gun parts, reloading equipment and safes and storage. Members of any military branch, US veterans or emergency services personnel are given an exclusive discount.

Standard Munitions Supply Company took off in mid 2016, when California was considering passing a major gun control legislation, Proposition 63. The act was named “Safety for All”, and threatened to encroach on the Bill of Rights amendments with measures such as tracking every ammunition purchase. The newly set up company went ahead with its plan to build a web presence, followed by an expansion of inventory and offering the best prices possible.

After overcoming challenges such as entering an established market and advertising, the Standard Munitions Supply Company today serves 40 states in the US, shipping ammo at great prices. Some of its top selling subscriptions include .380 ACP 95 GR Brass, 900 Luger 115GR FMJ Brass, 40 S&W FMJ 180 GR Brass. The company can also be approached for bulk ammunition and remanufactured ammo.

Chuck, a Law Enforcement Officer and National Guardsmen said, “Step back and look at what’s going on around you – violent protests, mass shootings, the threat of another foreign war, and liberal politicians vying for more gun control. If there was ever a time to start buying ammo and train, it’s now; and that’s why I’m in this business.”

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