Liberal writer: Gun owners killing in self-defense deprives attackers’ rights to fair trial

“A writer for the Huffington Post noted in a recent piece — “A Revision on the Bill of Rights, Part III” — that the Second Amendment certainly gives Americans the right to “carry and have a stockpile of guns.”

But Justin Curmi seems to have a bit of an issue with the right to “self-defend with a firearm.”

“The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial,” he writes. “Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights.”

It isn’t completely clear if Curmi — who graduated from Baruch College in New York City with a philosophy degree — is indeed waxing philosophic here, as countless cases demonstrate that killing with a firearm in self-defense is perfectly legal. But apart from that, many would scoff at his assertion that attackers lose their fair-trial rights if their victims fatally shoot them.”

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