URGENCY: Almost No Rooms Left For Next Charity Handgun/Rifle Course

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course for Leukemia/Lymphoma
Act Very Fast!

Very few rooms are left for the 5th Annual Charity Firearms Course!
107 people have already registered for the charity course!

-No rooms left at saddle West Hotel!
-No rooms left for the full 4 days at Best Western, but they have rooms if you are only joining us for 2 days.

-Holiday Inn Express is down to fewer than 50 rooms (and we are expecting another 200 people to enroll in the Charity Course, act fast!)


Enrollment is now open!!!

-you can now register for our 5th annual event online.
-you can pay your $50 leukemia/lymphoma donation.
-you can get a discounted course certificate.
-you can get discounted gun rental.
-you can sign up for optional dinners.
-you can purchase a high quality professionally designed limited edition charity course tee shirt.
-you can purchase a high quality professionally designed limited edition charity course hoodie. (perfect concealment garment)
-you can buy raffle tickets.

Enrollment is progressing very fast!

*Dinner seats for Sunday are all gone, 70% of the spots for the bbq for Friday & Saturday are gone.

*Hotel rooms in Pahrump are running out fast, book your room now! (a list of hotels is below, keep reading)

We grew 73% from last year to this year!
The growth was all from word-of-mouth.
We raised $27,600 to fight leukemia/lymphoma and had 185 participants.
We gave away 10 brand new handguns, shotguns, and rifles and 7,500 rounds of ammo.
Our goal is to double that for the next charity course and give away 20 handguns, shotguns, and rifles and 15,000 rounds of ammo!

Please forward to friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who might like to hear about this “once a year” event.

March 23rd-26th, 2018


We only host this event once a year.
The next charity event is exactly 3 1/2 months!
Please plan on joining us for this important and fun leukemia fundraiser!
You can join us for 2 days, 3 days, or the full 4 days.
You can take the handgun course or the semi auto rifle course. (not both, choose one)

Below is a short highlight video from the 2016 charity event! You will notice that this is family oriented training. So bring the whole family!

This event just gets bigger and bigger each year, and this next year is going to be EPIC!!!
We are going to be raffling off a HUGE number of firearms this year. Last year we sent home 7 brand new handguns, 2 Remington tactical shotguns and a beautiful Savage precision 6.5 creedmoor rifle, next year we hope double that and give away 20 firearms!
We will also hope to raffle off 15,000 rounds of ammo!

Every gun owner “thinks” they know how to shoot! But very few actually do.
Just because you can take your gun to the range, take it out of the box, load it, put holes in the target, unload it and take it home without shooting yourself DOES NOT mean you know how to shoot.
It is the equivalent of going to the golf driving range and hitting 50 balls off a tee on a piece of artificial grass and then claiming you know how to play golf. If that is all you do then you are definitely not capable of then playing 18 holes of golf using various drivers, wedges, putters, playing the fairway, the rough, reading the greens, the sand and water traps, scoring, etc.
If you want to “actually” learn how to play golf then you sign up for a 2-4 day golf clinic with professional instructors. Learning to shoot is no different. There is so much more to shooting than just putting holes in paper.
I invite all of you to join us for our 5th Annual Charity Handgun Course to raise money for leukemia/lymphoma and to truly learn how to shoot. Last year we raised $27,600 dollars for those that are fighting for their lives.
This is a family event.
You don’t even need to own a handgun, all the gear is available for rent.

You will learn to:
– fire a controlled pair into the thoracic cavity from a concealed holster in 1.7 seconds.
– fire a designated head shot into a 3″x4″ kill zone from a concealed holster in 1.9 seconds.
– fire hostage rescue shots.
– you will learn tactical reloads and emergency reloads, and learn the difference.
– you will learn to clear a type 1, type 2, type 3 malfunctions, and get back into the fight.
– you will learn how to breach doors and clear rooms, so you can safely clear your home.
– you will learn the legal, moral, and ethical ramifications of using lethal force.
– color code of mental awareness.

The cost of the course is just $200. Plus a $50 donation to fight leukemia/lymphoma for a total of $250. There is no course fee if you have a membership at Front Sight.

We are doing the registration online this year! www.CharityCourse.gives

Here is the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1302994479797316/?needsRefresh=true
Click on it and let us know you will be joining us!

You can join us for 2 days, 3 days, or the full 4 days.
You can take the handgun course or the semi auto rifle course.


Below are some public online photo albums from the 2017 event.
Enjoy the pics!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Buy some items and “get your money back” in FREE raffle tickets!

*Everyone who buys a $20 custom tee shirt will also be given one free $20 raffle ticket for the Grand Prize drawing (one free ticket regardless of the number of tee sirts you purchase).

*Everyone who buys a $39 custom hoodie will also be given $40 in free raffle tickets for the Grand Prize drawing (two free tickets regardless of the number of hoodies you purchase).
Raffle Tickets ($20 each)

Bonus Buy!
*When you buy $100 in tickets you will be given an additional $40 in tickets for free!

* When you buy $200 in tickets you will be given an additional $60 in tickets for free!

* When you buy $300 in tickets you will be given an additional $80 in tickets for free!

* When you buy $400 in tickets you will be given an additional $100 in tickets for free!

* When you buy $500 in tickets you will be given an additional $120 in tickets for free!

Buy your tee shirts, hoodies, and raffle tickets on the enrollment page: www.charitycourse.gives/payments
The participants last year included an 11 y/o girl, a 12 y/o boy, a 72 y/o and a 73 y/o grandmother, 6-8 law enforcement officers, one Navy SEAL, and everything in between! Training for all skill levels, beginners through advanced at a world class facility!

Here is a link to a highlight video of the 2nd annual charity course: https://vimeo.com/127788999

Shooters and wanna learn shooters,

March 23rd-26th, 2018
Start putting your vacation requests in now.

At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, near Las Vegas.
This spring we raised $27,600 to fight leukemia/lymphoma.
We had 185 participants.

Handgun Course Description: https://www.frontsight.com/courses/defensive-handgun-training-course.asp

Rifle Course Description: https://www.frontsight.com/courses/practical-rifle-training-four-day.asp

Video highlight of the Front Sight facility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wv-kXxitPg

You should book your hotel rooms in Pahrump, NV now. Here are two popular options:
Best Western
Address: 1101 S Highway 160, Pahrump, NV 89048
Phone: (775) 727-5100

Holiday Inn Express Pahrump
861 S Highway 160, Pahrump, NV 89048

Saddle West Casino Hotel
(800) 433-3987
Saddle West Hotel, Casino & RV Resort
1220 S. Highway 160 | Pahrump, NV 89048


Most hotels offer a discount when you book if you tell them that you are a “Front Sight student”. All offer a nice buffet breakfast. Rates for Best Western average about $99/night and about $40 more at the Holiday Inn Express. Saddle West Casino Hotel is about $55/night.
The hotels don’t charge anything to your credit card until you check in, and both allow you to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your reservation. Book now because the town will run out of hotel rooms about three months before the event.
There are other hotels and casinos in town and a google search will get you there.

You can buy ammo online and have it delivered to you in Pahrump instead of bringing ammo. I will provide you with details and the link if a follow up email.

Front Sight will be holding a multi state CCW class on the Tuesday March 27th the day after our 4 day event. So if you would like to stay for an extra day and get some CCW permits you can do that. Email me for details.

Be sure to share this email with all your family, friends, and co-workers that might like to hear about this annual charity event!
Lance Reeter
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