Learn the truth about “Gun Control”.

Liberals have claimed for years that the 2nd amendment was invented in the times of mere muskets, that it doesn’t apply to today’s weapons! The only problem with that, is that weaponry was far more advanced than leftists realize, and the founding fathers addressed this a LOOOONG time ago.

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Liberals Shoot Guns For The 1st Time.
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Tactical Shotgun Training.




3 Gun Competition. Handgun and AR15.
Had a little trouble seeing those bottom stars on the Texas Star through the barricade. Once I stood up a little I was able to engage them. AR15 targets were 185yards, 320yards, 340yards, and 415yards. No magnification and I was eventually able to hit all targets except the two at 415yards. Honestly I couldn’t really even see the target at that range without magnification.