Buybacks Aren’t Enough: California Pushes Envelope on Gun Grab Schtick

“There is no doubt in the minds of many Americans regarding the state of California and its liberal leadership’s acute hatred of the Second Amendment.

The state itself has long suffered from a severe case of “the lefts” – an affliction not unlike “the bends” that divers experience when ascending too rapidly from the depths below. In California, however, our divers are gun owners, and their journey into the liberal La La Land of the Bear Republic is what has sickened them.

California has already spent an inordinate amount of time and resources to bolster gun buyback programs in the state which aim to exploit working class gun owners who are living paycheck to paycheck, (on account of the state’s incredibly spurious cost of living). These government-sponsored programs have more in common with predatory lending scams like title pawn than they do with government oversight.

Now, apparently even the gun buyback isn’t good enough for some California lawmakers who are upset that the gift card incentives that are being traded for firearms could be used at Walmart…where they also sell firearms.

“Those who receive gift cards when they turn in their guns should not be able to buy new guns with those cards, says Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher.

“The aim of gun buyback programs is to lower the number of guns owned by civilians and offer a way for them to sell their guns to a government entity, like a police department, without fear of prosecution. In exchange for the gun, police departments typically will offer cash or gift cards.
“Gonzalez Fletcher introduced a bill this week that would prohibit a government entity from dispensing gift cards to businesses that sell guns. AB 1903, she said, is about making sure the buyback programs are not ‘counterproductive.’

“She was disturbed after reading about a December buyback event in her district where officials distributed gift cards to Walmart, which sells firearms.

“’We’re either trying to get guns off the street or we’re not,’ Gonzalez Fletcher said.”

by Andrew West

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