Liberal writer blames NRA for Calif. school shooting — then conservatives hit back with facts

“Following the recent elementary school shooting in San Bernardino, liberal writer Bob Cesca took to the pages of Salon magazine to record his apparent disdain and hatred for the National Rifle Association.

According to Cesca, the NRA is responsible for the shooting, which was a murder-suicide and resulted in the death of three people, two adults and one 8-year-old student. Cesca’s article was titled, “When is the NRA complicit? San Bernardino school shooting comes after Republicans move to relax gun restrictions.”

In his article, Cesca writes that for years NRA head Wayne LaPierre and Republicans blamed gun violence on mental illness and pushed for reforms that prevented mentally ill people from buying guns, only to repeal such reform, which was implemented in the lame duck stages of former President Barack Obama’s presidency, earlier this year under President Donald Trump.

“Why? The most likely explanation is that it was authorized by a black president with a funny name. In other words, it’s constitutional unless Obama and the Democrats support it,” Cesca wrote. “Once again, the NRA was Lucy holding the football and Obama was Charlie Brown.”

However, there are a few facts that stand in the way of Cesca’s argument. The shooting occurred in California, a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Second, the idea that Republicans repealed Obama’s rule because of his race is simply not true.

Obama’s law, dubbed the “social security gun ban,” allowed any person receiving social security benefits who needed some kind of assistance, such as to manage finances, to be investigated by the government.

Republicans argued that a large swath of Americans on social security, who weren’t actually mentally ill or disabled, could have their gun rights revoked because of the law. That’s why Trump signed a bill to repeal it in February.”

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by Chris Enloe


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